Full-Time Inside Sales Results on a Part Time Budget!

What we believe

We believe strongly in helping small-mid-sized organizations create a space to work that will impact their clients, create more jobs, promote positive growth and help create a competitive advantage. We find that many organizations just don’t have the personal touch, experience or skill-sets to help businesses with their technology needs. We feel that the most important part of a business relationship, is the relationship. It all starts with Trust, Hard Work, and a Solid understanding. We pride ourselves on possessing all 3 of these core areas.

“It has been a true joy to work with Fishnet Marketing. Their genuine care, eagerness to deliver, and overall responsiveness are second to none. They are a highly personal, honest and service-oriented company that operates with a true commitment to excellence at a fair price.”

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About Us

FishNet Marketing is a full-service Inside Sales organization based in West Fargo, ND. We advise and execute full scale Lead Generation Campaigns to help our technology partners drive business and positively impact their clients. We provide dedicated support to technology organizations that require lead generation. Our primary focus is to help small-mid sized organizations stay in front of prospective clients through tele-sales activities, and digital marketing.

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Our Process

  • We have designed a scalable lead-flow process that promotes pipeline growth and drives closeable qualified leads/opportunities back to our technology partners, with predictable sales stage models that fit up with Microsoft & HP as well as other technology developers.
  • We help to identify target lists and potential revenue opportunities within that list.
  • We have developed a pipeline review process as well as a standard reporting framework for consistent, accurate partner pipeline reporting. You can expect a weekly and monthly project report.
  • We deliver deep project insights through effective management, continuous monitoring, and on-going call tracking.
  • We create proven, scalable results that support dedicated (rinse & repeat) projects and long term relationships.
  • We ensure transparency into our/your pipeline activity through ongoing communicate with our clients.
  • We develop an ongoing pipeline of closeable, qualified partner opportunities

Our Services

Cost effective, full-scale lead generation service to technology partners.

This includes strategy planning with the end result in mind. Once you/we have developed goals and a workable, provable, predictable strategy, we will start with list procurement which will include a deep scrub/scrape for data from the organizations on the list. Once that is completed, we test the list by randomly selecting organizations to call/email. This is used to rank and test the data for quality. Once complete, we will load the list into our CRM system, and start developing a custom message that highlights you, the technology/service you are focused on as well as the industries you will be targeting.

Simply put, you’ll never have to worry about who will handle your campaign calling. FishNet Marketing gives you the peace of mind knowing your leads will never remain idle. When you partner with us, you won’t have to spend one minute (or dollar) trying to motivate inside sales/phone staff. Nor will you endure the daunting task of generating and interpreting leads or activity reports. FishNet Marketing does it all for you. Our dedicated staff of Sales and Marketing professionals are ready to help you with all of your lead generation and pipeline development needs.


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