B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation


The purpose of our core service – B2B Lead Generation – is to assist Technology Partner’s in developing qualified sales leads that promote pipeline growth and shorter sales cycles. Our intention in developing this service it to take a tough marketing activity (Tele-Sales) and convert it into an actionable activity that will keep your sales reps on their toes and in the trenches closing deals. When you partner with us, you won’t have to spend one minute (or dollar) trying to motivate or manage phone staff.

Simply put, you’ll never have to worry about who will handle your campaign calling. FishNet gives you the peace of mind knowing your leads will never remain idle. Nor will you endure the daunting task of generating and interpreting leads or activity reports. FishNet does it all for you. Our dedicated staff of 25 Tele-Sales and Marketing professionals are ready to help you with all of your lead generation calling and qualification needs. We never outsource to a foreign country so your company is always represented by full-time trained professionals based in Fargo, ND - home to the second largest Technology campus in the U.S.

Questions to ask yourself: 

  1. Does your sales operation require heavy sales commitments but lack the necessary resources or experience to get the ball rolling? 
  2. Do you need help generating qualified leads that turn into quality appointment’s and more sales? 
  3. Got an event coming up and no one pounding the phones to get attendees to the event? 
  4. Do you have an old data-base of prospects lying around that should be worked but hasn’t been touched since DOS? 
  5. Can’t wait any longer for the phones to ring?
  6. Do you have an email or direct letter that just went out and no plan/strategy for follow up in place?
  7. Need tangible results to show back to your Technology Developer (Microsoft, HP, Dell, Sage, Poing-Poing etc.) 

Lower your Cost per Lead

Perhaps the best part about working with FishNet is the cost savings. You benefit from lower lead-generation costs since our Dedicated Inside Sales Reps offsets the cost of hiring internal tele-sales resources. We require no ongoing training, no costly benefits and no vacation time - we will never let your leads fall through the cracks. You can customize your lead Generation Program to Align with Your Needs, Schedule and Budget because you need flexibility, FishNet lets you customize your program to synchronize with your organization’s specific business processes and sales requirements. Have an email campaign or event coming up? No problem. Need extra support to close deals in December?

“I’m extremely pleased with the results from this campaign as our ROI is probably 10x the payment to you all.  While we all believe that we are rock star sales folks, I truly believe that the Microsoft funding is a HUGE value prop to the customers to want to talk & engage.  Regardless, the effort and more importantly the RESULTS from this campaign have exceeded our expectations when we started in March.”

Stratus Innovations – OHIO

Definition of a QUALIFIED LEAD 

Currently what we are considering a qualified lead must meet the following:

Contact must agree to a follow up contact to discuss the product in depth and/or pricing and licensing options, within a reasonable time frame normally 1-2 business days not to exceed 1 month unless under special circumstances.

  • Contact must show interest in converting to new product or version within timeframe set by our partner (generally within 12 months).
  • Solution Selling must have been reasonably attempted during the call to gather information for our partner (Pain, Pain Chain, Capabilities, Vision).
  • Inside Sales Rep must attempt to gather additional information so responses can be personalized. This includes but is not limited to: budget, timeframe, migration plan, number of pc’s or users, current systems in place including what is used for back up, if the contact is an Influencer in the process or a Decision-Maker.

The correct email address, contact phone number, Contact name, Job title, and Company name must be on the PONF 

  • The QA reps must listen to how responses are being given (tone, inflection, etc.) not just what the response is. (So, it is about a feeling as well).
  • Budget must be available.  
  • A definitive timeline must be in place from purchase, implementation to deployment.  

In some cases, a Lead may be sent over without all information being entered based on stated need, desire, and timeframe. Call recordings are made available to the Partner as well. With Inside Sales making the dials, and Quality reviewing every opportunity our focus can now be on building rapport and value with each Individual Partner we campaign for. We don’t want the only value to our Partners to be the leads qualified.

Customize Your Program to Align with Your Needs, Schedule and Budget 

Because you need flexibility, FishNet lets you customize your program to synchronize with your organization’s specific business processes and sales requirements. Have an email campaign coming up? No problem. Need extra support to close deals in December? Call us at (701) 793-0391– we’re ready to go.

Why Does it Work? 

  • We qualify leads according to likelihood of closing: 20%, 10% and those to nurture. 
  • We manage your prospect and lead lists through CRM Online. 
  • We drive attendees to online or live events. 
  • We update or append email addresses and contact information. 
  • We document any information that helps generate prospect awareness/marketing awareness. 
  • We generate daily and weekly reports. 
  • We attend regular meetings to discuss results, expectations, key insights, successes, challenges, and other issues impacting sales efforts. 
  • We develop follow-up strategies for leads to be nurtured and leads that are not reachable. 
  • We leverage an up-to-date and highly profiled contact list. 
  • We fill your sales pipeline through ongoing calling and regular training meetings.
  • We respond to email or phone requests for appointments and scheduled meetings.
  • We generate a minimum of 40-80 leads per month.
  • We manage existing customers with customer service and new solutions.
  • Presentations including licensing, cross-sell opportunities & customer satisfaction surveys. This can be post implementation as well.

How Does it Work? 

FishNet provides a full-time inside sale rep dedicated to your organization for an entire year 

  • Inside Sales rep provides up to 160 hours of services per month and up to 1,920 hours for entire year. 
  • Minimum engagement contract is 80 hours per month. 
  • Clients can utilize all 1,920 hours during the year or roll them over to the following year. 
  • FishNet Marketing and the client will supply the Inside Sales rep with quality call lists. 
  • Clients are responsible for attending regular meetings with their rep to discuss results, reports, expectations, upcoming campaigns, and key messaging.


We develop the script for you incorporating your messaging and your company information.  The script is customized to your unique company with our calling strategy.  The script is designed to engage your prospects in a deep call that shows value in the conversation as well as your products or services.  This is not a “telemarketing” script.  This is an artist script that leads to strong leads and strong conversations.  We incorporate our proven sales skills and Solution Selling to put a good meeting into your hands.  Make no mistake, these scripts, messaging and the format have been massaged organically with the assistance of our partners. So thanks for that! 

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