Customer Service

Customer Service

Let us handle your customer service calls. We have the best pool of experienced customer service reps. Most of our reps worked in customer service for banks and health care companies, so they know the right way to handle customer calls. 

FishNet Marketing can handle your inbound inquiries with ease. This includes responses from email campaign or your digital marketing strategies.  We can quickly take each call or hit/inquiry in through your lead criteria and qualify or place into a nurture program until they are ready to meet with your organization. We have developed tools and resources to handle any volume of inbound calling or inquiries. 

We promptly address inquiries/lead via phone call, e-mail, web form, or chat. You don’t have to worry about the necessary tools, we have them already!

We will fill your sales pipeline with real opportunities/leads based on your lead qualification criteria.

Increase results by responding to inquiries quickly with a smooth approach. We will look and sound like you want to be represented, not like a telemarketing company!

“Before we hired Sean and FishNet Marketing, we were concerned that the callers would be from overseas. Sean was a straight shooter that didn’t mess around with sales tactics, but jumped in, assessed our needs and request. He gave his opinion of what would work best and saw the project through from start to finish. The callers are located here in U.S.A, they understand Microsoft products. They are very friendly over phone and sound extremely nice and laid back on phone calls to prospects. The service we received was Excellent. Thanks Sean!”

Aimee Agnew
Arctic Information Technology

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