Managed Services Provider

FishNet Marketing assists Managed Service Providers in obtaining Leads, Opportunities and Marketing Intelligence.

FishNet Marketing has developed a new service offering that will assist Managed Service Providers (exclusively) in promoting long-lasting revenue and pipeline growth in Managed Services. The purpose of this cost-effect service is to increase your volume of laser-pointed, targeted leads.

“We guarantee the quality of service this program offers and are committed to exceeding your expectations in all manner of Inside Sales Calling & Marketing efforts.”

-Sean Britt

Here are the tangibles you will gain through this program:*


9-12 new targeted leads with scheduled appointments. When an opportunity matches a Partner’s “ideal lead” criteria, and the prospect agrees to a follow-up conversation we schedule a phone meeting between the Partner and the prospect. Also, we guarantee our leads. If we fall short, we continue working until we hit our commitments.


25-50 fully qualified Opportunities that express Needs or Immediate Needs. Through our Marketing Intelligence calling strategy we will inherently identify organizations that have expressed a “need” or “challenge” and require ongoing nurturing. The partner can regularly reach out to that prospect or source it to FishNet Marketing for continual follow up.

Marketing Intelligence

(1000-2000 organizations) with real Marketing Intelligence to drive targeted marketing campaigns. We develop a calling strategy to provide Marketing Intelligence back to the Partner. This data can be used by the Partner to develop targeted marketing campaigns.

*This unique Pilot Program is set up to run for a period of 50 hours per month for 3 months.

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This program is designed to:

  • Create “Now” Leads!
  • Give you more visibility into the organizations you want to work with,
  • Assist you in prioritizing the prospects that have the highest likelihood of converting to your next new client.
  • Eliminate the time-effort you spend hunting for new leads and will directly equate to a significant decrease in your cost per lead
  • Eliminate the time-consuming task of trying to understand who the decision makers are within the organization and to whom you should we targeting within the organization.
  • Confidently know without a doubt what needs they have, what challenges they face, and what or whom is creating these obstacles for the organization. This will help you position yourself for more success, and a more valuable engagement.
  • Create a foundation for marketing by giving you the intelligence and data you need to develop a strategic marketing plan based on actual targets not perceived targets. This, in turn, will drive down costs for marketing, and give you more control over the message you present and the types of services you offer.
  • Give you the information you need to promote your uniqueness in the Managed Services Industry.