Nurture Marketing

Nurture Marketing

Why Nurture Marketing/List Management is so important!

The best way to explain the importance is by telling you a “campfire story”.

About 2 years ago, I worked with an organization that will remain nameless. This organization engaged us for Lead Generation. After a successful calling campaign that resulted in a ton of qualified leads and nurture opportunities; the organization disengaged to catch up on the volume of leads we had sent. Great news! The organization spent about 3 months working the leads we sent and came back to us for a new campaign. Again, great news! They requested that we call on the same list, and bring in more leads. I asked the organization if they had any luck working on the nurtures and the response was not favorable. They had only focused on the low hanging fruit and had discounted the other organizations that had expressed some interest, asked for a follow up call, or wanted additional information.

In calling back on that list, we quickly realized that those organizations that we had been nurturing had gone cold and had either lost interest or had moved into a relationship with another organization. The moral of the story is always being working your lists and continue nurturing the list. If you don’t have the time, or don’t have the desire to do that activity, let us do that for you! Trust me; it will create an unbelievable pipeline of valuable prospects that will eventually close!

Beyond Lead Generation, there is always value and a need to continue managing the leads that aren’t ready to engage. Let us manage the “leg work” for you. Whether it is inbound organizations that express interest and need more information, or organizations that we reach in lead generation, we can hold onto those until they are ready to engage. Don’t miss out on another opportunity because you were busy. Let us manage those organizations for you.

How it works?

  • As we call, we will identify organizations that are not ready to engage a technology partner yet.  
  • We gather information about the company, Identify specific pains/needs. 
  • We gather the correct contact information as well email addresses.  
  • We figure out how their decision making process works and who are the key decision makers.  
  • We regularly follow up with that prospect and keep them informed of new information about technology and our partner.  
  • We build a “first name basis” relationship with that prospect so they begin to trust us and our partner.  
  • Once they are ready to engage, we turn all of the information over to our partner and convert to lead. 

“Sean provides excellent communication when leads are qualified.”

Steve Pestillo
Innovative Computer Systems, Inc.

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