P2P Channel Recruiting

P2P Channel Recruiting

FishNet Marketing has years of experience helping technology partners develop and maintain their name recognition for “home grown” solutions and services. We have successfully developed campaigns and calling efforts centered around getting your channel marketing in place.

Customized Solution

We can start building your organization a successful recruiting or account management program and execute on those programs with specific messaging and targets based on your needs. This is a customized service to develop a channel marketing program for you or enhance your current campaigns and/or programs. From finding and recruiting technology partners, executing campaigns, and partner led programs to ongoing relationships management, our talented recruiter’s/account managers will help you sell more products and/or services through your channel. Our proven success has come from our “ready built” strategies as well as our specific Microsoft days as Partner Account Manager’s and Recruiters. You can feel confident putting your channel marketing in the hands of experts at FishNet Marketing.

Identify – Start or Grow a Partner Base by calling, identifying, and recruiting valuable partner alliances. We know this business very well!

Nurture – Grow your pipeline of Partners by uncovering qualified leads and nurturing them until they are ready to come to the table.

Assist – Help your existing Partner base uncover Leads & Opportunities by finding additional sales opportunities, cultivating them with lead nurturing techniques we have developed, and then passing them to your specified partner. This will significantly cut down on your partner training cost as well as give your newly recruited partners a “ready built” pipeline to work from.

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