Targeted List Generation

Targeted List Generation

Increase your sales & marketing effectiveness with an accurate and targeted database!

The sales & marketing effectiveness is often tied to the accuracy of your current database. At FishNet Marketing, we understand the need and importance of an up to DATE, quality database. FishNet Marketing can quickly develop a database or scrub your current database to give you better sales & marketing results.  

We provide you with a contact list custom-tailored to fit your unique targets! We can pull lists based on a specific industry or we can develop a list based on the size of organization you target. FishNet Marketing provides everything you need to increase your market presence while reducing your sales & marketing cost. Whether you are new in the business or a seasoned veteran, we have the lists you need to close more business! Let’s get started with a fresh marketing list with 95% accuracy! You choose the Industry, the area and size of company and we will do the rest!  Our list costs are extremely low and the accuracy of the list is much better than the list companies you have worked with in the past. In most cases, we prefer to work from a list of 1000 companies with contacts or more. It’s very simple to get started. All we really need is an idea of where you want to work and what size of organizations you want to target.

We can also Validate/Update an Existing Database by reaching out to each company, capturing contact information as well as email addresses and marketing intelligence. From there, we/you can be more effective at driving sales and marketing activities.

“Fishnet understands the Dynamics game and has the telemarketing expertise to get past gate keepers. Thank you for your team’s help with our last two telemarketing campaigns. Our first engagement had the direct effect of helping increase the penetration of our direct mail execution by providing us with the correct decision maker. This DM campaign had a 10% take rate. The success of this campaign can be attributed to communicating with the correct decision maker. Our second engagement delivered us a 3% opportunity rate and a 50% nurture rate. I was very pleased that your team did the due diligence to re-call records that said they would attend our webinars to ensure they actually signed up. We are very pleased with our working relationship with FishNet and will be engaging your services in the near future.” 

Jennifer Halyk
Encore Business Solutions Inc.

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